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Message From
the President

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Mike Savage – President of the WECP and Mayor of the City of Halifax

Hello and welcome to the new and improved website of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP). This multinational partnership, comprised of 19 of the world’s leading energy capitals, is dedicated to uniting the cities that collectively drive and shape the global energy sector. Together, we share business development best practices, participate in academic collaboration, address issues of environmental stewardship, and engage the community.

Our members know that energy is more than just an industry: it is an essential aspect of modern development, sustaining the ever growing movement of people and commodities throughout the world, supporting millions of jobs and funding the scientists, educators, and engineers who continuously push the boundaries of innovation.

Now, more than ever, our partnership performs a vital role, finding creative and effective solutions to the new challenges that our cities face. As the global energy scene changes and evolves, so too must our organization. It is in the spirit of this change that we have rebranded our website and logo as an outward manifestation of our commitment towards growth and self-improvement. I am proud to say that our partnership has grown stronger during this time of transition, and I believe our positive impact on our communities will only increase in the years to come.

On behalf of the partnership, I invite you to join our pursuit of global collaboration, engage us and learn more about the WECP by following us on social media or by connecting to us directly through our Secretariat or individual Member Cities.


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Mayor Mike Savage