A succesful meeting in Houston

For the first time, the WECP working meeting was scheduled to take place during CeraWeek in Houston. The World Energy Cities Partnership is a partner of CeraWeek, and several mayors from the partnership have been featured as speakers.

During this year’s conference, a session was dedicated to the WECP mayors’ perspective on how municipal and local governments are leading the way in driving the energy transition and making sustainable choices for the future. Basil Zempilas, Jesper Frost Rasmussen, Sylvester Turner, and Jyoti Gondek about how City of Perth, City of Houston, Esbjerg Municipality and City of Calgary tackle the climate and energy challenges.

At the working meeting of the WECP, 16 member cities were present either in person or virtually, when President Jesper Frost Rasmussen called the meeting to order. The President began by thanking the cities of Calgary, Dammam, and Perth for putting in bids to host the AGM in November. The committee recommended that Perth should host the AGM, and Mayor Basil Zempilas thanked the committee and encouraged the member cities to participate despite the long journey.

President Jesper Frost Rasmussen has launched two initiatives concerning Business-to-business cooperation and academic partnerships. After a brief status on both projects, the member cities can look forward to receiving drafts for both.

The working meeting ended with closing remarks from all the cities represented, and the cities shared different aspects of the energy transition from their perspective.

In the evening, many visitors came to the WECP Mayor’s reception hosted by Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston.