INEOS Offshore Base

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NEOS Energy Denmark is a full-cycle company. We are present both as an operator and as an active partner through the entire E&P value chain – from replacing reserves through exploration as well as acquisitions to project development and finally production of oil and gas from our fields.

Objective and policy on decarbonisation

Our INEOS businesses are developing roadmaps to deliver net zero emissions across all of our operations by 2050, whilst remaining profitable and staying ahead of evolving regulations and legislation. Based on the roadmaps developed to date, we have set a reduction target of 33% by 2030. We only make pledges that we can support with real world action plans.

Products and services on decarbonisation


– The most recent UN & IEA scenarios show that the world will still need Oil & Gas beyond 2050
– Oil and gas companies will remain a part of the energy transition era
– We aim to be the lowest cost producer in the market, to stay competitive as the energy transition continues
– Adhere to INEOS Group’s commitments to net zero targets by 2050
– We expect hydrogen, ammonia and biogas to become fuels of the future and we plan to make these a key part of our energy portfolio
– Continue to learn from our investment in the HydrogenOne Capital Fund

INEOS Offshore Base

Trafikhavnskaj 11-13
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Carbon Capture Storage Oil and gas

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