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VIKING Life-Saving Equipment brings you all the solutions you need to stay safe and compliant. Our range includes everything from lifeboats, fast rescue boats and evacuation systems to liferafts, personal protective gear, firefighting equipment and safety training.

Powered by the industry’s strongest network, we provide worldwide multi-brand equipment service with OEM quality and support the thousands of maritime and offshore operators who prefer subscribing to safety compliance with a fixed price safety agreement.

Objective and policy on decarbonisation

Our purpose in this world is to protect and save lives. A natural extension of this mission is to make our contribution to protecting the planet from global warming and other human impacts on our environment.

Efforts in support of a sustainable environment are a natural extension of the values the company has stood for since our founding in 1960. We are responsible, engaged and globally oriented in everything we do, including when doing our part to reduce climate change.

Products and services on decarbonisation

Throughout 2023, our engineers and product developers have continued our journey of both continuous improvement and bold innovations when it comes to introducing new products to the global market. Although safety continues to be our top priority, sustainability is now a criterion that goes into all important decisions, whether it be production, material selection, production facilities, transportation, major investments or other parts of our business.

Activities towards decarbonisation

One example us our VIKING Norsafe VNJY Lifeboats, responding to a rising demand for space-, weight-, and energy-saving lifeboats. Using significantly less materials in manufacturing the weight of each VNJY has been reduced significantly compared to previous models.

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment

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