26th World Energy Congress

Redesigning Energy for People and Planet

The 26th World Energy Congress is a critical turning point for leadership on clean and inclusive energy transitions worldwide and an opportunity to spring forward in redesigning energy for people and planet.

Marking the beginning of the centenary of the World Energy Council, this most prestigious and influential global event, hosted at the highest political level, welcomes leaders from all corners of the world as they come together in Rotterdam, to enable solutions and deliver impact in an era of energy for people and planet.

Don’t miss out on this visionary and truly inclusive world energy leadership convening, bringing together all sectors, industries, technologies and geographies. A world-class platform that showcases the most exciting advances in energy and a highly interactive experience that inspires progressive leadership thinking and collaborative and constructive action.

Go to: https://worldenergycongress.org/rotterdam/

Event Details

Apr 22, 2024 - Apr 25, 2024
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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