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Feb 16, 2018 to Feb 23, 2018

Digital Tribes Houston

Houston, USA

What is Digital Tribes?

The global resources sector faces $1 trillion of impact in the next 10 years from new technologies. This impact will be driven by individuals skilled in data science, software development, and hardware engineering. People with curiosity and drive, people who love a challenge, people like you!

Who can join?
Digital Tribes is open to anyone around the world. You can join us live in Houston or through online participation. Together with a nimble team of innovators you will get the chance to work on real challenges and present your solution to an industry expert judging panel. You can come preformed as a team or Unearthed will help you form the ideal tribe!

What do I need?
Motivation, determination and a willingness to work in a nimble group, or tribe. We are looking for technical individuals ready to apply their skills to the resources sector. Bring your laptop + any devices or hardware you can hack on.

I’m not technical, but I can still contribute.
Digital Tribes is your pathway to a career in the resources sector. Showcase any number of skills during the two week period and see what happens next!

What can I win and when is it on?
Find out about prizes and the schedule.

For more information, please contact Mr. Thomas Pommier in Houston.