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Sep 29, 2021 to Sep 30, 2021

Global Offshore Wind 2021

London, UK

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GOW21 is the largest dedicated offshore wind event in the UK, delivering insights from industry leaders and policy makers from around the globe.

This decade will be the most crucial in the fight against climate change. With COP26 around the corner,  the climate crisis is at forefront of the global agenda and offshore wind has a vital role to play.

How will the offshore wind industry deliver the volume necessary to meet 2030 climate targets?

Offshore wind has proven itself as a scalable, reliable and affordable zero carbon technology, but what challenges still lie ahead?

What will this increase in renewable electricity mean for the wider energy system?

What technologies will be at the centre of this transition? What is needed to support their development?


New programme design for 2021 for hybrid events – shorter, targetted and more interative sessions.

Specially designed socially distanced theatres and broadcast to a global audience.

This is your chance to showcase your business’s  expertise and experience. Complete your submission in under 5 minutes.

 Barriers to deployment
– Market design and permitting
– Floating offshore wind
– Ports
– Grid infrastructure
– Next generation turbines

 Our future electricity system
– Storage
– Grid flexibility
– Market integration of renewable energy
– Decarbonisation of industry
– Hydrogen

Deadline to complete submissions – 17.00, Thursday 28 Jan 2021