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Apr 30, 2020 to May 1, 2020

Sustainability Summit 2020

London, UK


Our world today has reached alarming levels of carbon emissions. Governments regionally and globally are increasingly prioritizing sustainability at the forefront of their political agenda. With growing legislative pressure, businesses can no longer operate the way they did in the past. To survive today, every business must be a sustainable business. To set wheels in motion, Sustainability Summit was conceived seven years ago, happening annually ever since.

Over the years, Sustainability Summit has set the bar on global and regional stage, bringing industry specialists, policy makers and practitioners under one roof to discuss the promises and pitfalls of sustainability. Together, they share insights on ways forward to transform the built environment, future-proof our earthly resources, rethink corporate ethos and business practices, empower energy sector and industries towards a low-carbon economy, and reshape all mobility needs of the modern world.