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WECP is committed to helping member cities foster greater connectivity in economic development, and a major focus of the organization is to identify areas of potential cooperation between cities.

The WECP serves to facilitate business and municipal interaction between Member Cities. Using a worldwide support network, Member Cities can easily share industry trends, contacts and experiences. Municipal governments can also form vital connections with business and private organizations. Energy cities can also exchange delegations, such as the yearly delegations between Stavanger and Aberdeen. The value of connectivity between Member Cities is a primary advantage of the WECP.

In the context of WECP, the three cities of Stavanger, Aberdeen, and Esbjerg are looking at collaboration on shared energy challenges. The objective for possible collaboration is identified as:

  • A mobile, interconnected North Sea workforce
  • Promote joint opportunities across the North Sea marketing NetZero careers
  • Knowledge-sharing and peer support on supply chain development within hydrogen

The three cities are ongoing the discussions for collaboration on a yearly basis.


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