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Aberdeen City Region is one of the most prosperous regions in the UK. It is Scotland’s third largest City Region and is home to nearly half a million people.

Over the last 40 years, Aberdeen has reinvented itself from a provincial regional centre dependent upon fishing, farming and tourism to become the centre of the UK’s national oil and gas exploration and production activity and Europe’s most enterprising energy capital.

In 2015 the UK oil and gas industry produced an average of 0.9 million barrels of oil equivalent every day. Over the last forty years the UK has produced nearly 43 billion barrels of oil and gas and still has substantial potential. It is estimated that 16 – 25 billion barrels of oil and gas remain to be recovered.  Developing innovative new technologies to maximise the recovery of this oil and gas remains a key priority for businesses, supported by the investment of £180 million by the UK and Scottish Governments in a new Oil and Gas Technology Centre.

Universally known as the Granite City, from the sparkling silver rock used in the construction of its many fine buildings, Aberdeen’s role as Scotland’s engine room fuelled by North Sea oil sits comfortably with its medieval past and is one of the most architecturally distinctive cities in Europe.

This is a city with not one but two Old Towns: Old Aberdeen, with its cobbled streets, mature trees and 15th century fortified cathedral – where Aberdeen’s first University was founded in 1495. And then there’s Footdee – known locally as Fittie – a quirky fishing quarter at the water’s edge, with squares of tiny cottages, flower-filled gardens and brightly painted outhouses, their eccentric decorations drawing on the city’s seafaring soul.  The Old Towns when coupled with our handful of museums, shopping centres and countless parks, gardens and green spaces make Aberdeen an ideal destination for all the family to explore.

The region has a rich cultural prominence and the city now hosts numerous award-winning festivals, conferences and sporting events throughout the year.  Aberdeen is home to the renowned Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition taking place in September every two years. Offshore Europe attracts a global audience of engineers, technical specialists, industry leaders and experts, to share ideas, debate the issues of the moment and to create common agendas for the future of the energy industry.

The city is taking great strides to ensure that it continues to compete on a world stage; the region is in the midst of a transformational journey, designed to make a positive impact on our region and its economy, bringing benefits now and for generations to come. The £1billion capital programme includes major projects such as the new Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre and the City Centre Masterplan.

Aberdeen has also taken bold steps as the first local Scottish authority to secure a bond through the London stock exchange, demonstrating the strength of investment in the city.

As the city is diversifying, Aberdeen continues to anchor its status as both a Global Energy Hub whilst building upon infrastructure required.  The Regional Economic Strategy, along with the City Region Deal and the City Centre Masterplan, underpin ambitions to act as a catalyst for economic growth and diversification and to make sure Aberdeen continues to be an attractive, prosperous and sustainable place to live, visit and invest in.


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