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Located in the northeastern China, Daqing is the central city in the western Heilongjiang Province with a population of 2.3 million.

The city has long been the energy capital of China since 1960’s. With an annual output around 340 million barrels presently, Daqing Oilfield is still the No. 1 oil producer in China.

Daqing is an important center for the petrochemical industry in China. With over a dozen large and small petrochemical companies that combined are able to process over 100 million barrels of crude oil a year.

The annual production capacity for the key petrochemical products are: ethylene and polypropylene – one million tons, synthetic ammonia – 300,000 tons, urea – 560,000 tons and synthetic fertilizer – 300,000 tons. A number of other products are produced associated with refineries, chemical fertilizers and chemical fibers.

The city is now diversifying from its energy-based economy. The high-tech industry is the focal point of the new economy. Other industries related to the processing of advanced petrochemical and pharmaceutical products, new materials, and agriculture by-products are rapidly expanding. The city is also leading the way in large modern commercial agriculture and farming. There is a strong service sector in the City that is experiencing rapid growth and developed.

Daqing is accelerating its pace to modernize its social, business and cultural structure while striving to recreate itself into a vibrant and modern city. Daqing continues to build on its past pioneering spirit to bring the city into a new bright future.