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Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro, with 6 million inhabitants, is the second largest city of Brazil and third in Latin America.

The state is considered an important logistics hub, with five ports and three airports (2nd largest in the country and one of the only with room to expand). It is also headquarters of major companies in Brazil and the capital of major industries like Oil & Gas, Information Technology and Communication, Research and Development and Tourism. 56% of Brazilian GDP is within a radius of 500 km of the city.

The City accounts for 50% of State GDP (USD 60 Bi) and absorbs a quarter of foreign direct investment in the country. Rio de Janeiro has the lowest unemployment rate and highest rate of investment.

R$ 614 billion in investments is estimated for the next year, representing a growth of 59% over the period of 2006-2009. The oil and gas sector alone accounts for 62% of these investments.

The four major sectors (oil and gas, mining, steel and petrochemicals) represent 84% of future investment in the country and consider Rio de Janeiro as their strategic partner.