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The european oil and gas capital

The Stavanger region is Norway’s third largest region with 340,000 inhabitants. The region is regarded at one of the most innovative regions in Norway.

  • Oil & Gas – Stavanger’s oil adventure began in 1969 with the discovery of oil in the southern North Sea field, Ekofisk. Since then, the town has transformed from an industrial trading town into an energy centre. As Europe’s oil and gas capital, Stavanger now houses all major international operators, around 300 oil service companies. Both the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway are located here. This convergence of industry players has resulted in one of the strongest energy clusters in the world. The Norwegian Continental shelf is a challenging petroleum exploration and production area; hence it has become an international testing ground for new technology. Norway has been one of the largest oil and gas exporters in the world for a number of years. We will be an important gas nation for at least another century, estimated to provide up to 1/3 of Europe’s gas needs in the near future. Once every second year the city also welcomes the global oil, gas and energy industry to one of the world’s leading energy meeting places, ONS.
  • Renewable energy – The Stavanger region has naturally excellent prerequisites for production and harvesting of hydroelectric power. The region’s hydroelectric power plants supply both industries and private homes with 100% renewable power 365 days a year. The region has two developed wind farms with an additional park underway. The region hosts the greenest datacenter in Scandinavia; Green Mountain.
  • Smart City – Stavanger is one of the European cities to hold the status as a Smart City, and is proud to be the official Norwegian Smart Care Cluster for Welfare Technology. The city also host one of Europe’s annual largest smart city event Nordic Edge Expo. The region has one of Europe’s best high speed digital infrastructures for businesses and private homes.