The city of Perth wins bid to host AGM in November

At the Working Group meeting in Houston, the member cities of WECP decided to follow the recommendation from the committee, that has looked into the bids for hosting the Annual General Meeting in the fall of 2023.

The cities of Dammam, Perth and Calgary had prior to the meeting submitted bids, and Mayor Jesper Frost Rasmussen from Esbjerg, who currently holds the presidency of the WECP, commended the cities for their bids.

During the meeting, both Mayor Jyoti Gondek from the City of Calgary and Basil Zemiplas thanked the board and talked about what the respective cities had to offer. After the voting, it was clear the City of Perth will host the next AGM. 

Mr Zempilas said he is thrilled that the City was successful in its bid and is looking forward to hosting the other member cities in Perth later this year.

“Perth is a founding member of the WECP and hosting the AGM will continue to cement our City’s reputation as a world leader in transitioning to a more sustainable energy future,” Mr Zempilas said.
“Western Australia is the resource and energy capital of the Indo-Pacific and at the forefront of the next generation of clean energy production. The City is proud to showcase the work the sector is doing in energy transition to improve sustainability outcomes.”
“The AGM will provide a platform to promote our member cities successful initiatives and connect business, academia and, innovation hubs, providing WECP cities with the opportunity to partner on energy transition strategies and economic development.”

From 1 – 4 November, the member cities are invited to the City of Perth. Take a closer look at Perth here