The last day of the AGM in Esbjerg

Friday was the third and last day of the Annual General Meeting hosted by Esbjerg in Denmark. 

The day began at Aalborg University Esbjerg which has a strong tradition of interdisciplinary work where WECP President and Mayor of Esbjerg, Jesper Frost Rasmussen gave a welcome speech.

Afterward, the WECP members heard three top scientists pitch their research to them on several subjects and heard two presentations on green transition, two presentations on power-to-x from a member of the Energy Technology department at Aalborg University, Energinet, the independent public enterprise that owns, operates and develops the transmission systems for electricity and gas in Denmark and Din Forsyning, the utility company.

After lunch everyone said their farewells before their departure on Saturday. 

You can see all the pictures from the AGM in Esbjerg 2022 here. In case of use please credit Esbjerg Municipality.

The AGM meeting hosted by Esbjerg in Denmark has been a great success as the WECP members connected and figured out new ways to strengthen their connections through new initiatives.

Greetings from the mayor of Stavanger, Dammam and Halifax from WECP in Esbjerg 2022

Mayor of Stavnger, Kari Nessa Nordtun
Vice President and mayor of Dammam, Fahad Mohammad Aljubair
Mayor of Halifax, Mike Savage