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About Us

Established in 1995, the WECP is a non-profit organization whose member cities are globally recognized as international energy capitals.

These member cities actively seek and develop opportunities to learn, exchange, and engage in activities which strengthen multilateral ties. The WECP is bound by a co-operative agreement signed by the Mayors of each city, who serve as board members, is directed by an elected President and Vice-President, and is supported by a Secretariat office, based in Houston, USA. The Presidency is currently held by Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

The WECP primarily serves to facilitate business-to-business interaction, partnerships in energy-related activities, and the sharing of industry knowledge, contacts, and experiences, while providing a worldwide network of industry support services and resources. The organization facilitates trade missions for local businesses to travel to member cities and capitalize on business development opportunities.

This unique partnership also enables exchange beyond the energy industry and the exploration of opportunities for mutual development in a variety of strategic areas such as, education, environmental technology, medicine and bio-science, and tourism development. Additionally, WECP is the only organization that requires municipal government linkage, which allows for exchange of best practices in city administration and development opportunities.