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Become a Member

The 3 types of membership available to new WECP applicants are as follows:

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


All prospective WECP members and affiliates must submit a letter of intent to a WECP Member City requesting the Member City’s support and nomination. The Member City then submits a letter to the Permanent Secretariat indicating their intent to nominate the Applicant City along with the applicant’s original letter of intent.

The Board of Directors then reviews the letter and votes to allow the application to proceed. The Applicant will then need to give a brief presentation of their interest in the WECP at an upcoming meeting. Once the Board indicates that it will consider the application, the nominating city will work with the Applicant City to prepare all documents required in the Application Procedure.

After reviewing the application documents, the Board of Directors will vote to approve the Applicant City. If approved unanimously, the Applicant City will sign the WECP Cooperative Agreement.

For more information contact the WECP.