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What is the World Energy Cities Partnership?

The World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) is a US-registered 501(c)3 non-profit organisation hosted by the City of Houston, Texas, USA.

WECP connects recognized energy capitals from every continent to foster sustainable energy production for the benefit of global communities. WECP is run by a President and Vice-President that are selected by their peers and rotate among WECP member cities and is managed by Houston as the permanent secretariat.

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What is WECP’s mission?

Our mission is to foster the world’s energy transition by facilitating international economic partnerships for our member cities.

Who is involved?

Elected by their peers for the term 2022-2024, Jesper Frost Rasmussen, Mayor of Esbjerg, Denmark and Fahad Mohammad Aljubair, Mayor of Dammam are the current President and Vice-President of WECP. The Mayor of Houston, currently John Whitmire, serves as the permanent Secretary General of WECP.

All the Mayors of our member cities sit on the Board of Directors, which constitute the governing body of WECP.

Local government or economic development officers sit on the Officers Committee and play a key role in the delivery of projects and programs.

WECP member cities are:

  1. Aberdeen, UK
  2. Atyrau, Kazakhstan
  3. Barranquilla, Colombia
  4. Calgary, Canada
  5. Cape Town, South Africa
  6. Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  7. Daqing, China
  8. Dongying, China
  9. Esbjerg, Denmark
  10. Halifax, Canada
  11. Houston, USA
  12. Karamay, China
  13. Kobe, Japan
  14. Luanda, Angola
  15. Perth, Australia
  16. Stavanger, Norway
  17. St. John’s, Canada 
  18. Ulsan, Korea
  19. Villahermosa, Mexico

What is the joint population of WECP member cities?

The population of our member cities combined is around 20 million.

What is the impact of WECP?

WECP member cities work together to accelerate the energy transition by learning from one another and through facilitating partnerships with other international organisations, companies and academic institutions. Through membership in WECP, member cities and the companies, universities and innovation centers resident in our cities, have formed alliances and developed collaborative initiatives to advance the development and implementation of new energy technologies in a variety of industries within the energy sector. This includes advancements in oil and gas, hydrogen, wind and solar and a range of innovative technologies that can help drive the global energy transition.

How do member cities benefit from the partnership?

WECP supports its member cities efforts to foster the energy transition by serving as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, by providing a platform to promote successful initiatives by connecting innovation hubs and businesses with opportunities in partner cities, by facilitating partnerships with other international organisations and by providing thought leadership at conferences around the world.

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How do I engage with WECP?

WECP is active on the following social media platforms. We regularly post about the activities of our member cities as leaders of the energy transition, we highlight innovations in the energy sector and we promote our partnerships with other organisations. We invite you to follow us on:

How do I become a member?

WECP is currently working through a new strategic plan to target member cities that can bring added value to our existing member cities and which can further grow by being part of our partnership.