Annual meeting in Daqing

Aberdeen held a conference on “Diversification” on February 26 with keynote speaker Annise Parker, Houston Council Member and Mayor’s designee to WECP.

A Working Meeting was held in Houston on April 30. Vung Tau officially resigned from its member status in the partnership but remained as an observer city.

The Annual General Meeting was held in Daqing on September 18-19. Participating cities included Aberdeen, Daqing, Houston, Perth and Stavanger. Vung Tau, Panjim (India) and Dongying (China) attended as observers. The City of Dongying (China) was accepted as a new member.

Mayor Leif Johan Sevland of Stavanger was elected as new President.

The University of Houston Institute for Energy, Law and Enterprise signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Houston for the administrative responsibility of the WECP Secretariat.