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Energy Transition

Because of our shared economic focus, Energy Cities have a responsibility for cleaner energy and good governance.

The WECP is committed to a future of greener, safer energy, while meeting world energy needs. In 2009, WECP Member Cities signed the Calgary Climate Change Accord, establishing a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, every WECP Member City has established a sustainability office. Example of green energy initiatives in member cities include Esbjerg, Denmark, which has developed a green energy grid based primarily on wind energy, in addition to being a world leader in wind turbine technology. Stavanger, Norway has managed to create a 100% renewable energy system by harnessing water energy technology. Additionally, Houston is the largest municipal purchaser of green energy in the United States.

Strategic Plans

      Aberdeen                          Calgary                                Esbjerg                          Houston

     St. John’s

Green Economy Best Practices